Ample Ann is in Prison For Espionage!

Biggest breasts in prison Well, you’ve all been waiting for this moment and wondering where she’s been all these years… I’ve acquired some new pictures along with old ones… I can’t give you extreme specifics on her whereabouts or intimate details about her. But here’s a little back story some of you may remember. Ample Ann used to be a star member on TPB forums with 10,000cc implants, until she disappeared one day without a trace, leaving everyone wondering what happened. One day, a new user named “Rico” joined TPB with a message from Ample Ann. He mentioned she was in prison and she was trying to get help from TPB admins to get her out. But there was a lot of skepticism with Rico’s posts. He kinda came off as fake with how he was talking about it. I’m not going to quote everything he said, but even I thought he was lying with his bizarre wording.  Regardless, other people scared him away from the forum when they were calling him a fake and started to insult him (I didn’t).  He was completely written off. Well, one awesome forum member and a good buddy of mine decided to message Rico directly and ask him about Ann. And well… Rico wasn’t lying!!! Ann is somewhere in an Arizona prison. And he had in-person access to her as a prison janitor! My buddy who was a huge SFD fan then contacted me directly to give me the photos to be the first to break it to everyone when this site relaunched. Well, why is she in there you might be asking? Well before I get into that I should note that prior to her getting arrested, a user from the BEA forums had posted about an encounter he and a friend had about her. He wasn’t flattering about it, but one thing stuck out in my mind that he mentioned. It was about her mental capacity. He mentioned she wasn’t very mature and that she may be more simple-minded than most (I’m paraphrasing). Why am I bringing this up? Well, it kinda adds up to the mystery actually… -Ample Ann had mentioned to Rico that she would have sex with anyone who got her out which is rather bizarre. -In one of these pictures, she’s holding a teddy bear, which may not seem like much, but a grown adult with a stuffed bear seems rather odd for a fully cognitive person. Why am I mentioning this? Well, I believe what that BEA member was saying about her was true. That maybe she wasn’t 100% “all up there”. Which is why I find it more puzzling as to what she was convicted of on her tag: Espionage. Apparently arrested under counter-intelligence services! I find it extremely bizarre that this sweet woman is some type of spy with gigantic boobs. Some things don’t add up. And the fact that she reached out to TPB for help offering sex, rather than reach out to family or friends is super odd and not remotely normal. I think it’s a bogus charge shrouded in secrecy especially since her mental capacity is in question.  I blocked out her last name to protect her. DO NOT ASK ME FOR HER LAST NAME!!! I can’t even stress that enough! YOU WILL NOT GET IT for her own safety from online sick creeps. And listen, I don’t know her mental state as a fact. Maybe what others have said is just BS. But I’m leaning toward believing it to a certain degree. Truth is nobody really knows what’s going on with Ann. All I know is she seemed normal in TPB forums before she disappeared. Anyways, I included some of her older known photos under the new ones. I am also waiting on a few more from my friend which you will see soon enough, but the trail goes cold after that… I hope she’s ok and she gets out and that we find out more about her. Maybe some of you can figure out what prison she is in based on info in her prison tag.
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  1. KinkyBeetle says:

    Absolutely fantastic, grade A post, Maxxx!

    This is all too strangem really, seems like conflicting stories clashing into one another with an amazon goddess in the middle of it.

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